Engineeringthe unexpected

  • Negotiation
  • Crisis management and communication
  • Profiling
  • Blackmail & ransomware
  • Systemic



  • Operational negotiation
  • Crisis management and communication
  • Systemic and managerial difficulties
  • Profiling
  • Blackmail & ransomware
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  • Signature training
  • Profiling training
  • Systemic training
  • Negotiation training
  • Short modules
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  • Conferences
  • Team building
  • Symposia
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‘‘ Understanding, analysing and learning how to act strategically in a triangular context of the Individual – the Other – the Situation is essential for achieving a durable exit from a crisis and, more broadly, for improving personal and interpersonal skills. ’’

Anne-gervaise vendange and david corona
co-founders in_cognita


Our experience in practical support and intervention in the field has taught us that the solution to any human problem lies in a triangular context composed of the individual, the other and the situation.

Our method makes it possible to act in this triangular context to anticipate and exit a crisis, and to resolve systemic and managerial difficulties within
the company.

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In_Cognita was born from the meeting of two seemingly distinct skills.

Namely support and the systemic on the one hand, and negotiation and crisis management on the other. In_Cognita unites these specialities within a hybrid structure, acting on both intervention and training.

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Anne-Gervaise Vendange & David Corona


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