A method
for engineering the unexpected.

Our experience in intervention and support in the field has taught us that the solution to any human problem lies in a triangular context composed of the individual, the other and the situation. This context is driven by emotion: your emotions, those of other people and the emotion generated by the ongoing situation.

Understanding, analysing and learning how to act strategically in this context is essential for achieving a durable exit from a crisis and, more broadly, for improving your personal and interpersonal skills. Based on this observation, we have developed an innovative method inspired by our interventions and our knowledge of human and cognitive sciences.

We use this method during practical interventions to help you exit the crisis, but also to help you resolve your systemic and managerial difficulties. As your structure is unique, our interventions are always tailor-made.

We also teach you the method to make you a better leader, a better negotiator and to provide you with the ability to assess and manage all situations. And since your issues are human, our support is equally so.

One method
for three different support options


  • Operational negotiation
  • Crisis management and communication
  • Systemic and managerial difficulties
  • Profiling
  • Blackmail & ransomware
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  • Signature training
  • Profiling training
  • Systemic training
  • Negotiation training
  • Short modules
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  • Conferences
  • Team building
  • Symposia
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