Our team

Anne-Gervaise Vendange and David Corona created In_Cognita by combining their respective experiences. This hybrid structure helps you to prepare for the unexpected, in terms of both management support and training. Between them, Anne and David have 20 years’ experience supporting change, negotiations and influencing.



Some people show their character under the most extreme conditions: David Corona is one of them. A former operational member and negotiator attached to France’s elite GIGN police response unit, he has performed a guiding role in the main terrorist crises of the last five years: Charlie Hebdo in 2015 and the attack on the Super U supermarket in Trèbes in 2018. He also managed kidnapping situations in France and abroad on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in addition to hostage-taking, suicide crisis, extortion and ransomware (cybersecurity attacks) situations.

From his 12 years’ experience, he has retained his determination to unlock seemingly hopeless situations by exploiting his keen understanding of emotions. Working the mind through influence and empathy, he now shares his expertise with government agencies, business leaders and top athletes. He then provides solid back-up to be relied upon in any situation, even the most unexpected.



Anne-Gervaise Vendange is an engineer: an engineer in the mechanics of human functioning, dissecting the inner workings of intrapersonal and interpersonal dynamics. A trainer of repute, she has taught hypnosis and methods for circumventing resistance to change to therapists, doctors, psychologists and educators at a renowned training centre. Her strategic sense of complex issues and her engineering of emotions have led her, through her firm, to provide support to thousands of people with difficult or traumatic life experiences.

Anne strives to solve complex human issues as simply as possible.

In 2017 she decided to direct her expertise towards strategy and tactics in relationships and influence; she focuses with ever-greater precision on the weight and power of words, intentions and the imperceptible, forging her resolute approach to deadlocked relationships. Today she makes her skills available to companies, working with human unpredictability to create diverse solutions when confronted with the unexpected.