_ Complex ManagementTraining

_12 days

When we lead or manage, we may feel that some situations are beyond our control, despite our best efforts and usual processes.
Yet there is no such thing as an insurmountable situation. In these moments, you may be missing the tools and insights to tackle these issues in a timely and strategic manner.

This training course is the most sought-after at in_cognita, our Signature training course: beyond sharing our knowledge and expertise on selected topics such as Business Systemics, Negotiation, Influence or Profiling, our goal is to guide you towards a more strategic approach to managing all your interpersonal relationships.

You will learn how to use your emotions and the Other’s, discover the ins and outs of language structure, identify and utilize motivational levers in the workplace. You will learn how to unravel relationship traps and find solutions to management issues for which you feel you’ve already exhausted all avenues.

In this lengthy, high-level training course, you’ll be given a comprehensive toolkit that will help you gain greater influence, self-awareness and empathy to turn complex and risky situations into manageable ones, while protecting relationships and remaining in control.
Have you ever considered becoming a Resource Manager to address challenging issues within your company?

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