By becoming a profiler, you will be one step ahead in all your interactions.

Negotiation, management, influence… None of this works if you don’t fully understand who the Other is, what their dynamics are.
By becoming a profiler, you will be able to define with accuracy, sometimes prior to meeting them, the profiles of the people you’re dealing with, anticipate their behaviors and attitudes in negotiations or management so as to choose the most powerful levers of influence and the most effective communication techniques.
You will also be able to discern if there are any discrepancies between what is being said and what you actually see. We are referring to lies here, but there’s so much more to it than that.
By educating yourself with in_cognita, you’ll finally see what most people don’t, and you’ll have an edge on all human interactions.

This training course consists of 3 two-day modules, each stage allowing you to validate a level of expertise that can be put into practice immediately and obtain one of the certifications offered by in_cognita.


_2 days

The first level of the PROFILING course introduces you to the fundamental behavioral dynamics and drivers behind people’s actions.

In the first part of this 2-day module, you’ll learn how to draw a morphopsychological portrait on a photo or in real-life situations to gain a better understanding of the relational, emotional and behavioral dynamics of the people you interact with. The second day is dedicated to understanding language structure so as to infer motivational levers through targeted questioning in a simple conversation or interview.


_2 days

The second level of the PROFILING training course will allow you to identify psychological profiles, read body languages and facial expressions.

In the first part of this 2-day module, you will learn how to build a psychological profile in order to adapt a communication matrix to interact in the best possible way and avoid relationship traps.
The second day is reserved for body and facial expressions to spot micro-emotional expressions, lies, and most importantly, inconsistencies between speech and body language.


_2 days

In the third level of the PROFILING training course, you will discover the evolutionary stages of individuals and their preferred positioning in relationships.

In the first part of this 2-day module, you will be introduced to the dynamic spiral analysis grid to help you understand your counterpart’s thinking and acting system.
The second day will focus on understanding the Enneagram model to comprehend your counterpart’s life strategy with related attitudes and demeanors.

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