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This original training program focuses on being confident and at ease in all negotiation settings, from the most straightforward to the most complex, regardless of your line of work, commercial, crisis, social, diplomatic, therapeutic or human.

You will learn to master the most effective and modern negotiation techniques and assess the psychological and behavioral profiles of people. You will learn to avoid and deal with ultimatums or other roadblocks, and most importantly you’ll experience change from within, in your emotions, your outlook and strategy.

This training course, inspired by the experiences in the field led by David Corona, crisis negotiator with the GIGN for 12 years and Anne-Gervaise Vendange, profiler, specialized in resistance to change, will introduce you to the role of ethics in negotiations, while remaining thorough and specific.

It is divided into 4 modules of 2 or 3 days. Each stage will allow you to validate a level of expertise that can be put into practice right away and obtain one of the certifications offered by in_cognita.


_2 days
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That’s the first level of the course. There are no prerequisites.
This will give you the essential skills to successfully navigate any type of negotiation. Based on the in_cognita© framework, you will be shown how to position yourself in negotiations, how to manage objections with assertiveness, how to use effective listening to build rapport with your counterparts, how to analyze and respond to behavioral changes and gain a clear understanding of how to tackle interpersonal conflicts.
Through increased self-awareness and understanding of how you and those around you operate, you will be able to cope with conflict situations in a more strategic and ethical manner.


_2 days

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12/13 October 2023
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That’s the second level of the course.
You must have completed the BASICS level to be eligible. This module will allow you to fully grasp the tactics and strategies of negotiations. Based on the in_cognita© framework, you will learn: to clearly understand the psychological characteristics of your counterparts and adapt accordingly; to decide on a negotiation strategy depending on the context; to handle ultimatums and work out obstacles to deal with them; and of course, to use rational techniques in “cold” negotiations, alone and with others.

You’ll be one step ahead in the preparation and analysis of your negotiations, allowing you to approach tricky situations with greater strategy and peace of mind.


_2 days

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11/12 December 2023
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That’s the third level of the course. You must have completed the OPERATIONAL level to take this course. This course offers an in-depth approach to negotiations, with emphasis on profiling and influence.
Based on the in_cognita© framework, you will learn how to analyze behavioral patterns from a morphopsychological interpretation, how to spot lies and read body language, how to use speech structure to influence, how to conduct strategic questioning, and how to develop NLP and conversational hypnosis tools to support negotiations.

With this module in hand, you’ll be better equipped to read between the lines of traditional communication and take negotiations to the next level.


_3 days

Registration :

11/12/13 March 2024
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That’s the fourth and final level of the course. To qualify, you must have passed the EXPERT level. This course will be the last step in the development of your skill set in the field of crisis negotiation. Based on the in_cognita© framework, you will learn how to incorporate the cross-cultural dimension into your strategic and tactical thinking, plan and deal with criminal negotiations, handle ransomware while interacting with hackers and finally, coordinate multiple negotiation schemes.
The third day is reserved for supervision in team scenarios and your final certification.

With this module at your disposal, you will be ready to handle and lead any negotiation scheme and turn this area of expertise into a profession.

NÉGOCIATION – Pack 4 modules

_9 jours
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